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Utnaf-Electronics plays a major role in LED display and software design industry, which provides system solutions for small, medium and high-end LED full colored display products as well as creating software for various industries with specific task.

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Building decorations with programmable LED

Today's businesses need outdoor lighting more than ever for many different applications. Landscape lighting keeps the building looking attractive at night by illuminating important features of the landscaping, and the building itself. Wall packs and roadway lights improve the security of parking lots and sidewalks, while post top fixtures add lighting to walkways while also improving the ambiance of a building's exterior. For all of these applications, Utnaf Electronics carries a variety of LED lighting solutions customizable for your needs. They also offer the LED light fixture accessories necessary to mount, maintain and repair these lighting options. Our software expertise are able programmatically to accommodate you with your specific coloring with an spectrum that that supported by LED RGB lighting technology.

simple Advertisement Billboard

Advertisement Billboard

Digital Billboards are computer-controlled electronic displays with technological capabilities that are taking out-of-home advertising to a new level. With Utnaf Electronics digital technology, we are able to create customized size at your request. we are able to create 1 meter by 1 meter, 2 meter by 1 mater and up to 4 meter by 2 meter dimensions colored LED billboard.

sample building advertisement

Building LED advertisement.

Utnaf Electronics is also able to create a mega advertisement bill board on your building for night view if you have minimum of 5 store building. By creating partnership with Building owner we can create a different size of advertisement and in order to generate revenue for your unused space. This not only beneficial economically, it gives also a pleasant view to your building.